I'm pretty busy with school and other commitments such as my band so i haven't been able to get on as much lately, sorry :c'

my favourite song right now~ click here

also if you like this bands facebook page it would be greatly appreciated


letlive. by Walter Sy on Flickr.
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Architects // Naysayer

Chris Roetter // Like Moths To Flames by WheresBryce on Flickr.

so today i went into the cafe i work in and ordered a chai latte and an iced coffee for my boyfriend, when we got our drinks i asked him if he’d ever tasted a chai latte and he said no so i looked him dead in the eye and said ‘chai it please’ then proceeded to laugh non stop at my joke while he just muttered under his breath about how done he was with me.


The Devil Wears Prada by nabil.nazri on Flickr.

The Ghost Inside (by Alyson Coletta)

Eric Choi | WCAR